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#1 2018-01-11 2:35pm

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New Cruiser frames. Lower prices.

My dibs rule. Call dibs in the thread if you want it. Call dibs pending in the thread if you have questions. If you ask questions without dib pending in the thread and someone dibs in the thread it’s whoever dibs first, IN THE THREAD.

All prices are PLUS SHIPPING unless stated otherwise.

International shipping is fine with me, you pay all the freight.

Paypal is

I've got several new cruiser frames from a shop I'm buying out.

Intense Podium Pro XL cruiser frame. I believe it's a 2012 80.00 + shipping

SE Floval Flyer Pro Cruiser. I believe these are 2009. I have two to sell, but I only have one set of chain tensioners, so first come first served. $175.00 ea + shipping

SE Floval Flyer Pro XL Cruiser. I believe this one is a 2012. $175.00 + shipping

GHP PRO XL Cruiser. According to the lable it was shipped directly from GH himself. $175.00 + shipping

MCS Wing Cruiser Bars. Odyssey T20 & T24 Renegade tires.Titan T 1000 cruiser. Phase II pro xl or Cruiser, Gold DC tech 4, all VG to mint condition



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