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1983 Schwinn Thrasher

#1 2018-01-04 12:02pm

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1983 Schwinn Thrasher

1983 Schwinn Thrasher

Red Thrasher original down to the reflectors.

I bought this a few seasons ago and it has been hanging in the garage I use to store bikes I sell during the biking season at my shop, Whistle Bike Restoration, Inc. After stuffing 4 bikes in my garage last week, I realized that I had to thin the heard to make room for new stock; my garage can hold 100 bikes with room to walk in and grab what you need and the last few I put in made the space look like one of those American Picker garages, if you know what I mean. At any rate, out came this fine 1983 Thrasher that I was saving as a winter restore; it is very fine and all original except for the seat ( I have the original red Schwinn seat but it is light pink from sun fade and it has a big tear in the vinyl). A very fine example of a Giant built Schwinn with lots of goodies on it right from the bike shop floor. Speaking of bike shops, the shop sticker on this beauty is from the Schwinn shop in Ambridge, PA; a legendary store in the Pittsburgh area. Enjoy.

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Re: 1983 Schwinn Thrasher

Love it. Just picked one up recently.

My first bmx bike was a Huffy Pro Thunder.... I was a fan ever since.



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