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#1 2017-12-16 6:36pm

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1980 Schwinn Predator

1980 Schwinn Predator

1 year only Chicago Made

All original except the wheels, 1 year only made Chicago hell of a bike

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#2 2017-12-17 1:50am

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Re: 1980 Schwinn Predator

Nice... I would like to invite you to stop by and post up your Predator here at the "Official Unofficial Schwinn Predator" thread:
Hope to see you there... big_smile

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#3 2018-07-12 4:46pm

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Re: 1980 Schwinn Predator

This is amazing! I got this bike in maybe 1985, used, from a local Schwinn dealer in Rochester, MN. I always had thought it was a counterfeit because the other predators I saw had CrMo frames, no gusset, and had hand brakes and a doughnut. Anyway, that saddle, the frame gusset and that damned single gooseneck (never staying tight!) are what tell me this was my bike.

Mine had red plastic mag wheels and I think mine had the red chain guard too but I took it off to avoid clanking when landing off of jumps lol Anyway, I had it for several years until I tried doing a quarter-pipe type stunt on a big pile of dirt. I did not come around fast enough and broke my ass from kind of high. When I got my breath back I saw the bike broke too as the top-tube had fractured hmm By then I lived in Madison, WI and had no bmx trails around. With a coaster brake it wasn't that great for much freestyle so I was sad, but not too sad and started punishing my 650c peugeot 5 speed instead hehe

Funny to discover this bmx site, now I ride a 2015 SE Draft 48x16 full fix with wheel and crank upgrades tongue



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