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#1 2017-12-11 6:41pm

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2000 Dyno VFR 24

2000 Dyno VFR 24

Debadged chrome cruiser...well except for the required sticker!

Craigs find- was advertised as a GT so I jumped at the post- seeing rectangular frame I knew it was a VFR so still went to check it out- All original right down to the tires. I changed out the bars and grips. Shines great and really is a nice smooth cruiser- Don't know why Dyno's get bad comments- this bike is sweet!

And then the one day you find ten years have got behind you
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#2 2017-12-12 1:03pm

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Re: 2000 Dyno VFR 24

I have an early one of these they are great rides.

This is my bike, there are others like it but this one is mine.



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