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#251 2019-06-21 11:30pm

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Re: Found out a mystery bike it took almost year

Racer wrote:

OK just for being stubborn and not taking me at my word lol, you can wait on proof. I'm making all this up. You caught me.
I dont know who owned Flattrack or who "made the frames" for them. I haven't looked into it more yet. For those of you who take me seriously you can help look into it more. Since I dont have the frame anymore and know they were never a major player in BMX, Im not holding up the releaqse of my book for such info. The old days were so packed with stuff i never knew, since I started racing in 1978 I am blown away at what was never covered in the BMX magazines or sanctions newspapers.

How Do you know? ,why should we take you seriously?do you have a picture? What should be your truth?
How can you name a bike and it company without looking into it ,shouldn't that be good info for a book? If there is a book?
All good ? You got to think we dont know you or even if you are making a book what if I say i am from the year 2065 i know all the lottery numbers it's going to be in a book i am making here a number 2 come on ,if your holding out on you really know something that's a dick move

Now all things aside the company flattrack  which look like redline make there frame make sence of the 1st guess i had just make a full circle with a name too the only thing is proof to back it up

looking for 16 skyways,white jr seat,haro forks 82-84,and more stuff for hight freestlye bike pm me have lots to trade or might have cash



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