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1985 Zimarron BMX

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1985 Zimarron BMX

1985 Zimarron BMX

Rare competiton bike made in Barcelona

Zimarron was a Catalan company based in Barcelona that, in the early 80’s, decided to invest seriously into making BMX great in Spain. Fernando Triviño, its owner, travelled to the US and went back home with a lot of nice parts that he copied and sold under the name of Zimarron.
Zimarron made almost everything (frames, forks, pedals, grips, brake levers, mag wheels, seat post clamps, cranks… and also a very wide range of racing and casual clothing!). Most of the parts are clearly inspired by other parts that we all know very well (Tuff wheels, Z rims, Thruster frames, Haro plates, GT bars, Zap Pads…).
They spent a lot of money promoting BMX, helping riders and organizing races. The arrival of real American parts and bikes in the mid 80’s took Triviño’s project down.
Zimarron bikes, today, are among the most desired bikes by Spanish collectors. Despite the quality of their parts was a bit lower than the original ones, they were a lot better than any other part made by Spanish makers.
This bike (almost complete in the photos) has been built using almost 100% NOS parts, as much Zimarron branded as possible. They produced around 5 or 6 different frames. I think this might be the last model that they produced, I guess around 1985.



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