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1979 Madison Taipan

1979 Madison Taipan

This Madison frame/fork set comes from the Ben Elliott collection (Toowong, Queensland AUS).  After his passing, his family decided to sell off his bmx collection in Oct 2017.

The rare '79 looptail Madison Taipan, off the same Koizumi factory line as the identical (in every way, bar the gusset hole) Diamondback Large Pro frame of the same year but extremely more difficult to acquire.
Light and beautifully made, as one would expect from Koizumi, The sheer numbers of these rare frame sets that still exists can be counted using just one hand. A documented history of the early Taipan frames is limited, but both the 1979 'VM' serial Taipans (mooted to have come out of the Kuwahara factory, using Tange tubing, as with the early 'VM' DB Large Pro) and the succeeding 1979 'baseball' Koizumi Taipans (noticeably better welds + a few other minor differences), appear to have been commissioned as simply a gusset variant to the Diamondback Pro on the same production lines. The history and development of these, Japanese manufactured, looptail Madison Taipan frames appears inextricably linked to that of the early DB Pros.

Wanted: Sugino bottom bracket for Redline 400 cranks
Wanted: Diamondback Turbo stamped seat post
Wanted: FN SCAR16S



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