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#1 2017-11-16 5:09am

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1976 Dan Gurney Eagle

1976 Dan Gurney Eagle

Original finish hard tail with Dan Gurney Eagle Girder Fork

Well preserved Dan Gurney Hardtail Eagle built with all original finishes. The fork is a very rare Dan Gurney Eagle Girder.

WTB 70's BMX
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#2 2017-11-16 8:48am

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Re: 1976 Dan Gurney Eagle

Incredible bike!  Nice job.



#3 2017-11-16 9:41am

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Re: 1976 Dan Gurney Eagle

Sweet!  Never seen one of those forks before. cool

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#4 2017-11-17 3:38am

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Re: 1976 Dan Gurney Eagle




#5 2017-11-18 6:21pm

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Re: 1976 Dan Gurney Eagle

That fork is amazing + the Dan Gurney Tires put this thing way over the top. Worthy of the Smithsonian! Nicely done.
(Also, love the pics with the vintage stereo!)

Needs: 79 or 80 nos/mint Chestnut brown SX-100 or SX-500 Scrambler frame - Single Gusset, smooth brazing, made in Chi-town not Taiwan.



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