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2004 SE Racing P.K. Ripper Team

2004 SE Racing P.K. Ripper Team

100% Factory Standard 2004 PK Ripper Team

Here is my recently purchased 2004 PK Ripper Team. I was looking at rebuild projects or completed rebuilds but decided against it in terms of cost and limited usage. Therefore I went looking for a nice original looking premium bike which I could occasionally use out with the kids and might in itself become a bit of a classic or collectible for them.

I landed on this PK Ripper as it ticked all the right boxes and was a ride that I always wanted but never owned. It has had one previous like minded owner and is totally 100% original factory spec with the exception of the front brake which is added for UK import - the Tektro caliper is an upgrade I have added to closely match the rear unit. It is a lovely ride being a lengthy frame and long reach stem - ideal for an old schooler who is now less fit and trim than in the early 80's.
It is a lovely looking bike and whilst not a loop tail, I do like the design of the frame which is a bit GTesque at the rear.
I hope you like it too and the info is useful for any possible rebuilds or collectors in the future.



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