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1994 Haro Sport

#1 2017-10-30 9:59am

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1994 Haro Sport

1994 Haro Sport

Early Midschool Freestyle fun machine

This bike has a lot of Haro parts, but few (besides the stem) are the catalogue-correct parts for this model, so I conclude that it was built up, either by a shop or previous owner.

The first photo shows it as I bought it; it's been through a few changes since then, including five different sets of handlebars.  It currently sports (pun intended) a set of kneesavers (not pictured).

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Re: 1994 Haro Sport

I like these basher sports.  They ride great. Scooped a completely OG one back a few years ago that was posted as a basher ( no stickers)!

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