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2007 Custom Built Trixstar 24

#1 2017-10-06 8:28am

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2007 Custom Built Trixstar 24

2007 Custom Built Trixstar 24

24" TS?! 
Sick As Bro!

#6 of 12 custom made TS 24" by C4 Labs.

This one is my first 24" build.From go to whoa it was 4 weeks. Hectic sh#t for sure but well worth it.

F/F/Bars & Seat Post:   C4 custom made, candy red finish.
Stem: DK Inverted Cruiser with Hutch 2 in 1 Stem Lock and Hatta MX-100 Headset.
Grips: Oakley B2's.
Brakes: Dia Compe MX-1000 Front and Rear, DC pads. ACS Potts Mod Locking levers.
Seat: Hutch Kashimax with Hutch Donut Clamp.
Cranks: Johnny Chopper Aerospeed, Profile BB, Hutch Aerospeed Disk, PPP 43t Chainwheel.
Pedals: OG Hutch wearing NOS Cages.
Wheels: Hutch Hourglass Hubs wired to DK 24" rims wearing Vee Rubber Tires.



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