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1994 Alfameq Eagle

1994 Alfameq Eagle

Rare Brazilian made Alfameq Eagle frame. The forks are also original to the bike and they are stamped Kastan on the dropouts.

While doing a government job in Georgia in the mid 90's, my friend Cameron who i used to ride with occasionally decided to quit his government job and go riding BMX professionally. Before he left he gave me his frame and fork, because he was getting a new one at his new location. As far as i know the frame was built in Brazil by the same company who built the Profile Rocket in the early 90's. It's aluminum with 1 1/8 head tube, has a 21.5 top tube, weights 4 lbs 6.2 oz, smaller rear dropouts than the Profile Rocket and no serial number (i believe none of the Alfameq Eagles had serial numbers).
I never built it and it hung in my attic for many years. There aren't many Alfameq's posted on the museum and I'm torn about either stripping it down or building it the way it looks (for originality sake). If i do strip it, it will be polished and i wanted a NOS sticker set for it, but that doesn't seem to exist and I will have to go the custom route when it comes down to the stickers because leaving it plain is not an option.
I decided to build it up using 95 GT Speed Series Team parts so it would be somewhat period correct.

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