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#1 2017-08-15 5:43pm

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Haro Backtrail Score

It's been a long time since I found a decent bike in my area.  Well Saturday evening I was driving and I seen this bike out front of a local pawn shop.  I knew right away it was a Backtrail, but I was en route somewhere and couldn't stop.  I told myself on Monday I would stop in and check it out.  Well I forgot until today, so I rushed over on my way to work.

To my surprise, it ended up being a 2002 Backtrail X2.  The serial number says starts with B3S2I which is supposed to mean backtrail X3 2002 as i understood it.  So maybe they used the same frame.  I noticed that it was in pretty nice condition and had a few upgraded parts.  Odyssey pedals, Poverty 3pcs cranks with sealed BB, Haro chain tensioner, Terrible 1 43t chainwheel, and Odyssey grips.  I aired up the tubes in the pawn shop and one exploded at 50 psi lol .  The guy staring into the gun counter about crapped his pants lol

Anyways, I'm gonna clean it up tonight and we shall see what happens to it after that.  The stickers are staying, they are kick ass.  I'm gonna take it to the trail this weekend for sure.[video][/video][img][/img]
[img]20170815_191319.jpg uploading ...[/img]



#2 2017-08-16 6:34am

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Re: Haro Backtrail Score


I am not of this world ----- 1978 GLJ 1979 DG Racer ----  WWG1WGA



#3 2017-08-16 10:34am

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Re: Haro Backtrail Score

Very cool.

Used to be into Old school race bikes, now im only into Mid school Haros for the most part.



#4 2017-08-16 10:45am

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Re: Haro Backtrail Score

Nice find man smile  cool

If you haven't seen the magical stars floating around whilst lying face down in the mud you ain't lived.

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