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2012 GT Performer 26

2012 GT Performer 26

Custom chrome GT Performer 26"

Nice story behind this one:
On April 2015 I browsed the online offers for BMX in a national ad market.
The latest headline "BMX Bike. 26", New" caught my attention.
I thought the declaration "BMX" combined with "26 inch" must be an error.
Then I examined the associated two photos and at the first step I saw a Mountainbike, partly still wrapped in package material.
But then I recognized the GT-like kink of the down tube...could this really be?

After a small search in the internet I was aware that GT indeed brought out such a cruiser in 2012.
Instantly I called the listed phone number of the seller - and I was the first one!
Unfortunately the bike were located in a town 160 miles (about 260 km) away from me.
But the seller told me that at the next day he have to drive to one of my neigbour towns.
Therefore he could take it with, and I only have to pick it up and give him the money.
Said and done smile

As you can see I've replaced some parts over the last two years.
Particular the very low original handlebar (reminded me more on a Chopper than on a BMX), so I've mounted an Performer bar.
Chromed layback, padded GT seat, DC Bulldog front brake, reverse mounted KHE stem, NOS Weinmann levers, KHE Stimulator pedals and Panaracer with skinwall in 26x1,75 as well as a pad set...very well.
Pretty happy with the outcome, and cruising around alone or together with my family is awesome.
This because this bike is easy on the knees, combined with this ineffable "BMX feeling"...

I am such an 80s kid...



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