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#1 2017-08-12 8:28am

Ronnie Reality
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1985 GT Mach One

1985 GT Mach One

Nice clean Survivor F/F. Restoration in progress.

Seat: Gt Viscount Seat post: Gt lay back circle stamped seat clamp: Gt Double wing Bars: Gt pro Unknurled Stem: Gt mallet dated 85'Headset: Gt Epoch BB: Hatta 7/8 24TDisk: Gt winged Chain: Gt Chain wheel: Sr Crank: Sr Cosmolite dated 85’Pedals: Sr Mp-470
Brakes: Dia-Compe Mx1000 dated 85’
Rims: Sr hubs dated 85' on Araya 7x

"Without bumps, bruises or broken bones. There is no progression!" RR

Every bike I have pictured. I still own. I'm more of a collector than a seller.



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