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#1 2017-08-09 8:51am

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1990 Mongoose Scorchin

1990 Mongoose Scorchin

Original 90's Australian release...

Totally OG minus a decal up front and the tip of a brake lever from poor storage. Otherwise, she is OG and a part of BMX history in Australia. Designed in 70's in
etc), this frame set up was later released in very late 80's and sold well into the 90's. The design seems to be ageless with the geese.
This example is original, though I am tempted to pimp it, but will stay as it is, until sold or not. The chrome gives an idea of the intended market and era.SOLD.

searching for Takagi Tourney Non-Drive side (L Crank in Anno Blue... Cheq flag... pm me).



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