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1997 Standard Lengthy

#1 2017-07-27 10:12am

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1997 Standard Lengthy

1997 Standard Lengthy

96 Standard Bykes Lengthy

I bought this off of a museum member (I forgot who it was though). I searched high and low for a Lengthy in this shape. No dents, dings or grind wear on it. (Edit 7.09.19) FINALLY got this built up!!

I'm looking for a Mid-90's Standard Lengthy (Platform frame from 95-98). Contact me thru PM.



#2 2017-07-27 3:18pm

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Re: 1997 Standard Lengthy

i was really tempted by this when it was up for sale [love the color] but didn't buy it 'cause i thought it a bit "tanky" -- then i bought and even tankier '99 Lengthy frame . (this '97 was probably the better deal -- buying parts piece by piece is pricey)

all i can use is.... S&M DTF 21.25 frame ;  28t Fit 24mm spline drive sprocket [without insert is fine];  a 2013 WTP atlas or cheap cro-mo 24" race bike ; 14" wheel scooter; 21.25"+ tt USA-made frames; some sort of dj of trials bike that i can bust the city on. oh ... and just a Homeless Mack Stoopid long ;)



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