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#1 2017-07-25 11:28am

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OK, I've got these threads created. Please follow the directions as each of the 3 classes have different final entries so the number of bikes you're voting on in each varies.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take the time to vote in all 3 classes. It's only fair for all the ppl who have finished & done all the hard work. I will appreciate it as well as all that entered each class.




******IT'S FINALLY HERE AND WORTH THE WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!******
The Official 2018 BMX Museum Calendar Bike Build Off!!!
Please be sure to read over the rules below. There will be 12 winners again this year!!!! There will be 4 winners from 3 different classes FREESTYLE, RACE, AND OPEN.

Winners will get - Your bike(s) in the Calendar, A one year membership to the Museum, Free calendar, And some BMXMuseum goodies.

Here are the Rules:

  • All members of the BMXMuseum can participate and are allowed to submit up to 3 (1 for each class) bikes into the Build Off, as long as you were a registered BMXmuseum member on or before 7/25/2017.

  • The entry threads will close on Sunday, August 20th at 9:00 PM (PST) Completed Final Builds can be submitted any time after Sunday, October 1st 2017 when the completed threads open. The deadline to submit a complete will be Sunday, October 15th, 2017. That is a 14 day window to submit your bikes. Voting threads will open October 16, 2017 through November 1st 2017.

  • When posting your final pictures in the COMPLETED THREADS, only 4 pics will be allowed. Again this year, a short description w/pics is fine but no stories please. Any miscellaneous comments from others will be deleted without warning. These threads will only be for participating members to show their final shots. Any comments can be added to the comments/progress thread.

  • All bikes must be BMX or FREESTYLE. Restored, Polished, Spray bombed, Re-Chromed, NOS, Survivor, whatever you want to enter is fine.

  • Bikes MUST be built within the time frame given. No previously submitted bikes to the Museum are allowed or they will be disqualified. This is a build off, please do not enter a bike that has already been built by you. Clarification: This means if YOU have already submitted it before you can't enter it. If you bought the F/F from someone & are rebuilding it but haven't submitted it, you can.

  • All members of the BMXMuseum will be able to vote as long as you registered BEFORE 7/25/2017! You can vote for your own bike. You will be placing your favorite bikes in order from top to bottom on our polling threads. If there are any ties GAry will be the tie breaking vote.

  • Bikes cannot be sold until after the BO is over or you will be disqualified.

  • Remember to have fun building your cool bikes!!!!!!!!! big_smile

Here are the links to the different classes. Please enter your bike in the correct place. Yes, survivors/restored & old/mid/new school bikes will compete with each other in their respective class.

Freestyle Class = survivor/new/restored/retro–all 20"/22" wheels/all years—
Race Class = survivor/new/restored/retro–all 20"/22" wheels/all years—
Open Class = all 16" Pits/24"/26" wheels—

Here is the progress thread…

This is the FINAL pictures thread rules & each link. Only those that entered this year can post on them…

Final Picts threads…




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#2 2017-11-02 7:31am

AdminHello Kitty Moderator
From: Tennessee
Registered: 2010-05-25
Posts: 10744
Bikes: 22
For Sale: 28



Pacecar69-1982 SE Racing Mauler 24—13.0%
Crisp87-1983 Race Inc RA-24—12.9%
gooseman67-1983 Redline PL-24—11.7%
Bravo-1993 Boss Hogg 24 Cruiser—11.6%

CBA-1988 SE Racing Floval Flyer—10.3%
Saohagan-1997 Schwinn Pro Modified 1 Cruiser—10.3%
Bon-1983 USA Hutch XL 24 Fun Cruiser—9.7%
cruznscoot-1984/85 SUPER LA 24 Cruiser—9.2%
tentoesover-2017 Bassett Star Cruiser—6.1%
king stinger-1981 King Sting—5.3%

GTbikesIlikes-1986 Robinson Pro Team Model—11.9%
manchesterlad-1982 ET Kuwahara—11.4%
1979-4ever-1980 Schwinn Sting (blue frame)—11.2%
Bon-1984 USA CW Phaze 1—10.3%

affordablepmc-1983 Roger Decoster—9.9%
Pacecar69-1984 JMC Darrell Young—9.1%
ritchiecamaro-1991 Schwinn SX-1000—7.4%
New Old Schooler-1981 Schwinn Sting (chrome frame)—6.7%
bullseyejunkie-1992 Hawk race—6.0%
deme-1992 Auburn CR20R—4.4%
cruznscoot-1984/85 SUPER LA 20"—3.9%
old_school_bmx_guy-1986 Haro Group 1 RS1—3.9%
hdogg21-1992 Robinson SST—3.8%

stash84-1988 General Osborn Pro—12.6%
lynwoodAL-1987 GT Performer—7.9%
Crackin-1991 Haro Sport—7.5%
crash test dumby-2017 NoWear Mike Dinello Signature—6.4%

calismoooth-1986 Haro Master—6.4%
antg-1992 Haro Ground Master—6.4%
Raven-1984 Haro FST—6.0%
Bon-1985 DYNO—6.0%
Devin74-1986 Haro Sport—5.4%
Chiefin-1987 GT Pro Performer—5.1%
jriedmiller-2017 PiR LeClerc—5.0%
SuperCamaros-1985 GT Pro Performer—4.5%
Pacecar69-1985 Hutch Trickstar—4.5%
gearhead133-1998 Dyno Air—4.1%
Bill1174-1986 GT Pro Performer—3.1%
FRESSTYLE FREEK-2013 Subrosa Aggro Rag DTT—2.8%
fairlyodddad-2017 Flybikes Fuego—2.2%
H82LOSE-2017 Redline Asset—2.1%
dirkBMX-2017 Haro Lineage Master—2.1%

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