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2017 Terrible One Garrett Byrnes SFA

#1 2017-07-07 11:23am

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2017 Terrible One Garrett Byrnes SFA

2017 Terrible One Garrett Byrnes SFA

After 10 years of drooling I've finally got one. A Terrible One.

I've wanted an SFA ever since first seeing one in 2007. That frame was long delayed and never released. But I kept my ear to the ground and last fall I was finally able to get in on a preorder for this years 2017 SFA.

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I might not deliver when I say I will, but when I do it's always right on time.

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#2 2017-07-08 4:34am

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Re: 2017 Terrible One Garrett Byrnes SFA

That might be the tallest set of bars I've ever seen. :o

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