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#1 2017-07-01 8:24am

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1998 GT Speed Series Jr.

1998 GT Speed Series Jr.

Shorty got Style

For my son. This thing is so sweet I wish I was a kid again. Has to weigh under 10 lbs fully built. Just a Beauty. Any help with parts on it appreciated. Has Grupi hubs and cannot place the Handlebars though they are GT.



#2 2017-07-01 8:29am

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Re: 1998 GT Speed Series Jr.

Looks great.  Handlebars are Powerlite Powerbends.

Hutch Fun Facts: All main line Hutch's with digits only S/N (no letters or baseballs) on the rear drop outs were US made and had their dropouts stamped between late '83 and '86.  Obviously the frame manufacture would occur slightly after that, even if they just threw 'em in a bucket randomly.  There is an obvious date code in that the first 2 digits seem to be the month and the 3rd digit is pretty obviously the last digit of the year running from '83-'86.



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