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2005 Seshin Liger

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2005 Seshin Liger

2005 Seshin Liger

The "All-Canadian" Build

Edit: SOLD 9.1.21 to Ted Efthymiadis, former owner / creator of Seshin
Detroit Dirt Bikes created at 'All-USA' made BMX a few years ago, which is still my favourite build and thread on this site. The attention to detail was second to none, and I loved how everybody that read the thread, chipped in some info, or another little-known company that was U.S. made. It got me thinking -- could I put together an all-Canuck scoot? But built the way I like 'em. Mid-school, post-tank era, clean, lean and ready to accept some abuse.

Sure, there was lots of old-school Canadian-made bike companies, but most disappeared around the time the sport crashed in 1989-90. I knew I was in for as hard a search as Detroit Dirt Bikes, and I also knew there were some items I'd have to strike from the list as unattainable.

Tires. There are no 20" tires made in Canada, by a Canadian manufacturer. There were Norco-branded tires back in the day, but not for a mid-schooler. There may have been some Michelin-branded 20" commuter-bike tires as well, but not befitting this build. 990's. Never heard of a Canadian-made U-brake (though if somebody has one, I'll take it!) Lever. (There might be a mountain bike lever out there that would work, but when I've got a Tech77 sitting on the bench, why not use the industry standard, and my favourite lever?

I also had to change my initial intention, which was Canadian-MADE, and settle for Canadian-BRAND. I could have gone the route of having every item custom made in Canada, but the idea was to use Canadian branded parts that I liked back in the day.

I'm calling this one done, but there may still be some changes made down the road (grips, that elusive Canadian-made U-brake?) Any additions or manufacturers not represented here, please add a comment with more Canadian BMX products and Brands!

Frame: 2005 Seshin Liger, 4130 CRMO
Fork: Mid-2000's Norco, 4130 CRMO
Stem: Macneil Ruben
Bars: Basic Whammy
Grips: ODI Longnecks (will be changing for Macneil or Krusher)
Front Hub: NOS 1664 Boozer sealed high-flange, slotted 14mm.
Rear Hub: Macneil Swagger, 10t driver
Rims: 1664 Double-Double
Brake: Dia-Compe 996 (now removed -- updated pics to come)
Lever: Dia-Compe Japan Tech77 (now removed -- updated pics to come)
Cable: 1664 (now removed -- updated pics to come)
Brake Pads: CCM
Crank: 1664 Good Ol' Crank, 175mm
Sprocket: Basic Maple Leaf, 34t
Pedals: 1664 Beaver Traps
Rear tire: Odyssey Aitken, 2.10
Front Tire: Odyssey Dirt Path, 2.35
Seat: Norco-stamped Selle Italia
Post: Macneil pivotal
Clamp: something I had laying around...
Chain: Canadian Tire
BB: 1664
HS: FSA Orbit

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43! Ahahahahahaha... 43.

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Re: 2005 Seshin Liger

Epic build man!



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