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#1 2017-06-19 8:54pm

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1983 SE Racing Quadangle

1983 SE Racing Quadangle

has unstamped landing gear forks. I meant to post my ripper has the wrong forks, lol. This ones right smile

This thing is sweet!!! Used some cooks cranks,  unfaded black araya 7x's, black unfaded pro neck,  nitto Layback,  campy made elina styled seat,  SE bars, Dia compe  mx 1000a brake,  unstamped landing gear, Comp 4 tires all plush and rideable. It rides so sick!!!! ????

I got lots of stuff, what you need? lol



#2 2017-06-21 8:56am

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Re: 1983 SE Racing Quadangle

Not sure what you mean by your comment "don't have the good forkes unfortunately", they look fine to me!

Only think I don't care for on this bike is that seat post. But, it's a personal thing, I've never liked layback posts, and I especially don't care for the ones with the crossbar like this one.

Rad bike though with bright colors! cool

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