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#1 2017-06-12 9:43am

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1979 Jamis Earth Cruiser 26

1979 Jamis Earth Cruiser 26

Early deluxe version

I have a goodwill up the street that I have gotten a few unusual bikes from recently.  This was the latest installment bargain priced at 25$  It has a Suntour 5 spd rear and a Primax 60 drum brake. Super heavy duty spokes, tires are gt, I don't think they are original.  Decals are pretty torn up but a quick power wash and air in the tires made for an easy refurb.



#2 2017-06-12 9:07pm

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Re: 1979 Jamis Earth Cruiser 26

Thats one clean Jamis Earth Cruiser. These bikes are super solid. I have a totally roached out earth cruiser that rips it and cheap!



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