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#1 2017-05-13 12:35pm

red stick
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1983 JMC Long Standard

1983 JMC Long Standard

1983 JMC Racing long standard

Parts list:

JMC long standard frameJMC bladed forkJMC handlebarsPro Neck II stemTange 320 alloy headsetRedline 401 crank setRedline bubble font chain wheelHutch bear trap pedalsPro class wheel set (chrome)Suzue sealed hubsKashimax Aero seatDia Compe MX1000 brake



#2 2017-05-13 6:58pm

Jenny Caldwell
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Re: 1983 JMC Long Standard

Very clean build, every part appears like NOS !!! Job well done, your hard work netted show quality results on this build! No doubt an amazing JMC, one Jim Melton would have been proud of!

Wanted: Anything Eddie Fiola.



#3 2017-05-13 7:21pm

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Re: 1983 JMC Long Standard

Pretty dang cool. yikesyikes

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#4 2017-05-13 8:07pm

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Re: 1983 JMC Long Standard




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