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#1 2017-05-02 8:53pm

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2015 Hyper Mainiac

2015 Hyper Mainiac

98 percent oil slick

With my collection of bikes i needed to have an oil slick build, didn't want to go as far as I did but it happened. Rims were almost impossible to find, knowing what I do now I would of bought more! Thanks to bmx guru, colony bmx, hyper bikes , snafu, planet bmx.



#2 2017-06-17 5:23am

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Re: 2015 Hyper Mainiac

Hyperbike jet fuel bikes will be sold at what price?



#3 2018-08-24 5:11pm

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Re: 2015 Hyper Mainiac

Awesome build. In the market for a hyper oil slick bike myself. I built a true vintage 86 Haro. This bike will be mine to do whatever I want with. Yours looks incredible!



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