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#1 2017-04-30 6:04pm

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2015 Premium Products CK

2015 Premium Products CK

Chad kerleys personal bike

Was always a huge fan of chad kerley. Had the opportunity to own one of his personal bikes and I bought it. Was used in his promo video with rapper Asap Ferg and Asap Rocky. Bike is signed by Asap ferg, and Dblocks , considering it was chads its in pretty good shape, debating replacing the forks and bars with new ones but might leave it as is! Along with the bike I got limited edition Asap Ferg Adidas! Enjoy!



#2 2017-04-30 8:12pm

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Re: 2015 Premium Products CK

No way man...don't change a thing.  It's a sweet ride plus if it was Chad's personal bike it makes it that much cooler!  cool

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#3 2017-08-26 1:03am

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Re: 2015 Premium Products CK

Leave it as is

Wanted: damaged pre 85 pk ripper frame



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