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#1 2017-04-19 6:49pm

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1983 Haro Freestyler

1983 Haro Freestyler

All Original 83 Freestyler built similar spec to Bobs but with a yellow twist.

The bike that changed it all. I spent a lot of my youth studying Haro Freestyle moves and lusting over his freestyler but sadly never got to own one until now!!

The frame is dated April 83 and is all original including the decals. The build is very much based on how Bob had his first Freestyler set up. But I couldn't just do a replica. So I swapped blue for yellow. Other than than not having graphite tuffs the set up is identical to how he first ran his. 82 Redline pro line bars. Pro neck stem. Haro levers. Grab on MX 3's. Cycle pro snake belly on the front. Raleigh red dot on the rear. Cycle pro shotgun seat. Redline flights. She's my Baby!



#2 2017-04-19 7:24pm

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Re: 1983 Haro Freestyler

Love It! cool

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#3 2017-04-21 12:51pm

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Re: 1983 Haro Freestyler


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#4 2017-04-21 3:12pm

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Re: 1983 Haro Freestyler

yeh very nice wink

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#5 2017-04-21 6:04pm

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Re: 1983 Haro Freestyler

I like the yellow twist. I sissed out on mine and went with standard blue. Good for you!



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