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#1 2017-03-23 5:40pm

GAry Jr.
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1979 SE Racing Quadangle

1979 SE Racing Quadangle

Ultra Rare og brown Quad ***NOT FOR SALE***

Og survivor brown Quad. I have cleaned the bike and added a new front tire, besides that its as found.

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Ride In Peace Autumn Pasquale



#2 2017-03-23 5:54pm

Pro Member
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Re: 1979 SE Racing Quadangle

Kick ass.



#3 2017-03-23 5:55pm

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Re: 1979 SE Racing Quadangle




#4 2017-03-24 3:51pm

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Re: 1979 SE Racing Quadangle

An "Old" Loopy Quad !!!  yikesyikesyikes

Nice re-fresh on it.

Just a little bit envious... wink

Too many cool bikes out there,  not enough money in my wallet ...



#5 2017-03-25 6:43am

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Re: 1979 SE Racing Quadangle

oh man, does that bring back memories. a buddy had a black and gold one when we were kids. all blackness decked out in all goldness. it was way sweet.

nice bike and thanks for the memories. cool


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#6 2017-09-05 11:57am

Pro MemberThey Call Me T
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Re: 1979 SE Racing Quadangle

I was 6 years old that year.  Saw-eet!!!

Taylor Allen John Anstrom  .....  Finally found my baby. 1987 Roadmaster Thriller Freestyle!!  Baby blue with white tires and gum sidewalls.  The members of this site made it possible to make my dream come true.



#7 2018-12-07 3:27pm

BMXer 4 Life
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Re: 1979 SE Racing Quadangle


Still have this? Beautiful Quad built just right!

I BUY ANYTHING OLD SCHOOL SE RACING! Framesets, stickers, bars, padsets, jerseys, helmets and etc! 
Always looking for NOS or MINT USED 20 inch Yellow Label Comp II and 3 tires in black and 20 inch Cycle Pro Snake belly tires in black with or without skinwall! 
I don't have any other active screen names for those who want & need to know. 



#8 2018-12-07 10:16pm

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Re: 1979 SE Racing Quadangle

A whole lotta coolness

1979 SE Racing PK Ripper
1980 SE Racing Quadangle
1982 Skyway TA



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