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#326 2018-09-18 6:47am

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Re: Your most hated bike/parts?

Increase the Peace



#327 2018-09-18 7:13am

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Re: Your most hated bike/parts?

That's a C6 not a C7.  Looks weren't ruined yet.  wink

To me, this is a thing of beauty.  I had one fairly similar to this.

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#328 2018-09-19 6:18pm

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Re: Your most hated bike/parts?

wadeaminute wrote:

kalel92198 wrote:

wadeaminute wrote:

What could you have against Pivotal seats? They are genius.

Because when I used to ride I rode from the time I woke up till I went to bed. I like putting my ass on a seat when tired. You can’t adjust those pivotal seat. Plus at 6 ft 210 lbs I need room so I can sit. That’s why I was always fond of the drain tube post. It would give me room to pedal if need be. I just didn’t play at the jumps. I did a lot of urban riding all over Chicago and the suburbs too.

You are clearly not aware that Pivotal seats come in different shapes and padding thicknesses. And that not only are they adjustable for seat angle, some are also available with front-back adjustment. AND, you can get layback Pivotal seatposts.

That is, not all Pivotal seats are the same. I ride MacNeil Imperial seats (widest), and the new Haro Mirra seats are Imperials with even more padding.

Why thank you for the lesson! This I did not know. Now I might have to check this out but I probably won’t ever put any on my bikes. But still worth looking at for curiosity reasons.

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#329 2018-10-19 7:13am

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Re: Your most hated bike/parts?

I love tioga freestyle seatpost with the cup holder on back



#330 2018-10-19 8:29am

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Re: Your most hated bike/parts?

CW bars, uuuuugly!

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#331 2018-10-19 12:36pm

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Re: Your most hated bike/parts?

Tioga Air Step bars..... gashed me open BITD.mad

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