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#1 2017-03-01 2:55am

AdminTuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez
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1999 Powerlite Riot

1999 Powerlite Riot

Very nice dialed in Powerlite.

Had this one for awhile. Had to give it up to buy other BMX stuff that was more my bag. This bike rode like a dream but I had 80's projects going on at the time. Looking back I wish I could have found a way to keep this one.

One thing that I have seen over and over on the BMXmuseum is members willing to tarnish the reputation of another member by leaving nasty feedback before trying to resolve a problem like a reasonable human being.

In my 6 plus years as a staff member , this pisses me off almost as much as a scammer.



#2 2017-03-01 1:43pm

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Re: 1999 Powerlite Riot

Hot dang, that's a rocking Powerlite!  So well put together.  Thanks for posting up.



#3 2017-03-02 4:07pm

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Re: 1999 Powerlite Riot

This is a cool bike, I love the colors



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