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1985 Hutch Pro Street

#1 2017-03-01 1:58am

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1985 Hutch Pro Street

1985 Hutch Pro Street

Real nice chrome on this one.

I got this from a kid that delivered a whole truck full of stuff for like 250 bucks. Nice guy with one of his buddies. They drove about 20 miles to bring me some really nice stuff. The first thing I did when they left was take a mint pair of Vector Haro FS bars off of this bike.

I wiped them down and had my full inspection down and ready for pics!
I sold them in 3 minutes here on the museum for 450 bucks !
I had 3 Stings , a complete Mongoose that you can see in my bikes here:  and so much good stuff to pick through. A killer score is what it was.
After as much research as I can do I'm calling it an 85 Pro Street because of the knurled dropouts and 05 stamped on the back drop. Decals were in great shape but still old and placed on this set in the 80's.

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