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#1 2017-02-17 10:24am

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2017 Gary Turner Legend 26

2017 Gary Turner Legend 26

Prototype 26" freestyle frame#1

I have been selling with the gary turner bmx swap meets and shows since the beginning. I'm friends with the crew there and I always said I'll buy one when they make a freestyle. One night at the track I was chatting with CT and he said something is in the works. One day at the monthly swap meet he walked up and offered me frame #1 and I built my first full blown show bike. It had a coupe issues with the breaks and gearing combo. I ended up doing profile 48h hubs and was able to find a 26" sun 48h hoop to go with the hubs and yes it's a rad wheelset. Ended up with 38/15 gearing and it rides nice without the chain hitting the breaks. Has a midschool build including gt piston stem, gt bars,show pegs,tires, post, clamp, gt stamped cranks with primo pedals odyssey gyro and levers with dia compe 990s




#2 2017-02-17 12:00pm

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Re: 2017 Gary Turner Legend 26

Bike looks good. Hope you enjoy it.

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#3 2017-02-23 11:29pm

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Re: 2017 Gary Turner Legend 26

Top stuff there champ.
I bought myself a white 26D last December and am gathering parts. Then they go off to paint and the fun begins.

How does yours ride?

Monkey Nuts I say sir! Monkey Nuts.



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