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#1 2017-02-16 10:45pm

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2000 Specialized Fatboy Hemi 24

2000 Specialized Fatboy Hemi 24

Good condition cruiser from the early 00's

So my mom was nice enough to let me have her bike since its been sitting in the shed with our other bikes. My mom wanted a bike to try riding at our track so she started looking around at some cruisers. The local track owner had a specialized with a cracked frame he was selling and told her she could get it fixed at the bike shop it was bought from(about an hour from the track). My mom took that bike back to the shop to have the crack fixed and they ended up replacing the entire bike with this one.(imagine the track owner seeing this bike the next time we went there) We've had it ever since and it is pretty lightly used. All original beside the grips. I plan on changing a few things around for the wifey to start riding (tires, seat, bars). Might even try this out myself at the track



#2 2017-09-23 5:04pm

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Re: 2000 Specialized Fatboy Hemi 24

love it.



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