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2003 Haro Backtrail X3

#1 2017-02-03 10:06am

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2003 Haro Backtrail X3

2003 Haro Backtrail X3

2003 Haro Backtrail Nyquist X3

This is my All original 2003 Haro Backtrail Nyquist X3 In Army Green Color.. Haro Backtrail X3 frame Full chromolly. Haro straight shooter fork. Haro sealed Fat hubs 48 spoke front and rear. Alex Y-22 48 spoke rims Haro Catapult tires. Haro Slim bars. Haro block stem. Haro sealed 3 piece crank with American bottom bracket Haro sprocket. Haro Fusion pedals. Haro Fusion pegs. Haro seat, seat post and clamp. Tektro rear brake and lever. Haro grips and bar caps.. SOLD!!!!!!!



#2 2022-04-25 10:48pm

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Re: 2003 Haro Backtrail X3

I believe thats "Putty" not "Army Green". I have two of them in Putty, and the AZ sun does a number on it. Color fades from beige to a color not unlike Pea soup.

my "Putty" X3

someone else's Army Green X3




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