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#77 2018-01-29 4:46am

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Re: Old bike shop photos

From moment to moment, no matter what your circumstances are, you have two choices, light or darkness...



#78 2018-01-29 4:56am

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Re: Old bike shop photos

Notaskitrail wrote:

awesome trade show pics.

Agreed!! cool

WTB the following REDLINE Frame Pads:



#79 2018-01-29 6:24pm

Jenny Caldwell
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Re: Old bike shop photos

Diggin' the Trade Show pictures! Studied those pictures for about an hour in total amazement! Thanks for sharing, great stuff!

Wanted: Anything Eddie Fiola.



#80 2018-01-30 10:11am

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Re: Old bike shop photos

Looking for my childhood bike.
‘87 dyno pro compe
Any one have a frame set they would let go?



#81 2018-05-28 2:23pm

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Re: Old bike shop photos

"The Best That Never Was."



#82 2018-05-29 2:31pm

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Re: Old bike shop photos

Wish me and my friends had the wherewithal to take pics BITD...  sad

Andy Jordan's in Augusta GA was the spot.
They had all the GT/Dyno/Haro bikes in the windows.   Looked like a bag of skittles..
Chainreaction and Outspokin were other shops in town too.

Ahh...  the days...



#83 2018-10-26 3:04am

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Re: Old bike shop photos

Wow , that was fun



#84 2018-10-26 3:21am

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Re: Old bike shop photos

H O L Y   C R A P !  (to use a phrase from 1978) LOL.

THIS THREAD IS INCREDIBLE, those trade show pics are soooo cool! 

Thanks so much for everyone posting on this.  I wish I had pictures of the shops from BITD.

Early '85 Haro Masters are my thing!
Always selling / buying 1985-specific Haro Master Items (especially early serial numbers)
Collector of Redline 401's and Sugino 400's parts, Diamond Back Turbo cranks and BB's too!



#85 2018-12-05 9:16am

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Re: Old bike shop photos




#86 2018-12-05 10:22am

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Re: Old bike shop photos

Yes. These are Ben Joy's photos. He was sponsored by this shop and was also an SE support rider. That is him in the last photo posing with his brand new 1978 SE Racing JU6. It was one of the first ten JU6 frames ever made.
Also someone on the first page asked if they saw a JMC and Skyway on the wall. Definitely not a Skyway as these pics were 1978, at least four years before Skyway TA's even existed.

I live for Race Inc, SE Racing, Navajo, Nomura, GHP and Prodyne!!!

NOS is NOT a condition description. Something being NOS has NOTHING to do with the condition of the bike/part.



#87 2018-12-05 3:39pm

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Re: Old bike shop photos

redmarble wrote:

Been stopping by since my teen years, in the mid 80s.

Here's Bill Blke... the owner. Shop is in ELA bordering Montebello. It's one of the oldest bike shops in Los Angeles. … e_shop.jpg … e_shop.jpg

Sadly, Bill Blake has passed away.

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#88 2020-04-20 4:02pm

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Re: Old bike shop photos


Always looking for nice / rare SKYWAY bikes, parts & gear.



#89 2020-04-20 4:13pm

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Re: Old bike shop photos Tuff Wheels on full on race bikes...original graphite’s only and pre 81 and never on a cruiser for God’s sake
Let me guess you were factory sponsored in
the 80’s...
Please no colored tires on race bikes...
So how many years were you a Pro....
You knew a guy that had a Mongoose that weighed 12 pounds



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