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#1 2016-11-29 12:26pm

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2016 SE Racing OM Flyer 26

2016 SE Racing OM Flyer 26

2015 "Old Man" Flyer.
I simply love this ride, This is one of my daily rider's and I can't explain how smooth the ride is.
Extremely satisfying...

2015 OM Flyer Retro Series from SE Bikes with a whopping 22.2 TT it offers an awesome ride. I had a So Cal 24" cruiser and it seemed cramped a bit to me so I picked this up and I am so glad I did, The only weak link on the bike is the seats "creak" after a week on use like the old tuf necks and its irritating. (we all know that sound) but seriously guys,If your in the market for a 26'er..This wont let you down. Definitely my Keeper.




#2 2016-11-30 3:37pm

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Re: 2016 SE Racing OM Flyer 26

Thats exactly what I wanted to hear to pull the trigger! big_smile

Hoe gaat het?



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