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Hi, Yes i'm new. You got a welding torch? (stripped screw)  RSS Feed

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Hi, Yes i'm new. You got a welding torch? (stripped screw)

This bike i got man!!! i tell you it's possesed by the demons or an evil spirit of the bike trails.....
if it isn't one thing it's another!!! if i had a picture of it, your computers will freeze or something..but ok get this...if you ever doubt weather or not to order something judging someones good word (or sometimes no word) and some bad might get : striped screws, cracked and bald rubber...rust...a lot of rust...bad springs and missing parts..loose axels a few mystery aftermarket parts even.  All kinds of other nasty suprises not even begun to mention (dirty greasy ones) a few of you collectors thats probably half the fun more or less!  i haven't had any real hands on experiance with working on 20" frames..
mine has rear shocks and by the looks of normal wear n' tear also little sumthin' for you! a stripped screw, the top one on the right gets worse...looks like it's bolted on under the re-re-paint job right to the frame itself. it's holding on to the spring right now by a thread literally, i know it eventually will go..but didn't do so well in metal shop in highschool so..i dunno if it can be done...or maybe machine new threads and slip on a smaller bolt or what? or um...yeah thats why i spent hours trying to find some good boys who know a thing or two about a thing or two...well you guys muster up  worse than that on a bmx before? i'm all ears on howsit fixAble~
i can't get the screw off the frame, gotta go under the paint too...whats better? re-thread it or something, weld it off and then re-weld a new one back on the frame? p.s. you guys have the best ideas i've come there some kind of do-it-yourself for this? ok larer

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