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#1 2007-01-24 9:44pm

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Chain help.....question....

Anybody have any luck getting rust off of a nickel plated chain? Just wondeing the best way to go about it worth it or just buy a new one??? ........check it out, I live with it daily
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#2 2007-01-24 10:35pm

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Re: Chain help.....question....

i'm the worst person in the world anyone could possibly ask....but maybe find some rusty nickle lying around somewhere and try different stuff with it....if CLR works on chrome or that wood bleach...maybe it works on nickle...i'm not saying it does, not saying it doesn't...but u start somewhere and see.

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#3 2007-01-25 6:15am

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Re: Chain help.....question....

try gas man.



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