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#1 2016-10-30 12:46am

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1984 Redline 500a

1984 Redline 500a

My first nice BMX bike...

Like many on here, this bike was my first nice BMX bike. It took me racing and introduced me to freestyle.
I found this awesome survivor on craigslist. It was almost all OG but it needed a few things. I'm not into catalog bikes but in this case, it was so close that I went for the factory equipment option. I included some before/after pics as well.
The bike was in really good shape but I took the wheels apart, cleaned and re greased the hubs' ball bearings and cleaned and polished all 72 spokes by hand. It was worth it, I had considered lacing them with new spokes but they cleaned up great and now the wheels are still 100% OG. I also used wet sand paper to clean the shiny side of the hoops, it worked out well because I got rid of the brake pad marks and aging, but not taking away the life scars. I also put a lot of work into the chain. Soaked it in gas to remove grime, then vinegar and brass brush to to remove rust and other debris. Rinsed it with water, dried it and soaked it in DW40. Wiped off excess and soaked in motor oil, wipe off excess and on it went.The rest was just standard cleaning procedure, took it all apart, cleaned headset and bottom bracket, new grease and back on. Came together really nicely. I hope you like it and brings memories from days gone bye....

Bike Check
Frame: 1984 Redline 500aForks:  1984 Redline 500aHandlebars: Redline V BarsPads: Redline standard pad set - added (kept faded OG set)Grips: Fuan - addedStem: AlloyHeadset: Steel, retained ballBrake lever: Dia Compe tourist-style lever stamped 84Rear Brake: Dia Compe 890 stamped 83Rear Brake cable: generic, I have an 84 cable and I'm looking for an 83 or 84 stamped DC rear housingSeat post: 80s GT - addedSeat: Velo Redline Lightning Bolt Seat clamp: AlloyBottom bracket: Steel, retained ballCranks: Sugino 177mmSprocket: Sugino steel, 44tChain: KMC - not OG, maybe 90s but same black/chrome colorPedals: Victor VP-468Front Wheel: Sunshine Large Flange, loose ball 36h hub, UKAI 36hRear Wheel: Sunshine Large Flange, loose ball 36h hub, UKAI 36hFreewheel: Dicta 16t, waiting for the right Suntour 16t - addedTires: newer Chen Shin 20x1.75 rear and 20x2.125 front it! - added

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#2 2016-10-30 10:08am

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Re: 1984 Redline 500a


"The Best That Never Was."



#3 2016-10-31 11:16am

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Re: 1984 Redline 500a

Very clean Marcelo,nice job

Always looking for GT parts,and up for trades also



#4 2016-11-02 6:47am

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Re: 1984 Redline 500a

Good work! I'm working on one of these now - nice-looking bikes!!



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