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#1 2016-10-15 3:59am

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1982 Race Inc. RA-7

1982 Race Inc. RA-7

Gold Beauty

This is my 2017 Calendar build off race entry. I purchased the bike from the original owner who bought it in 1984 from a bike shop called Ream's Cycle. From the shape it was in when I bought it from him, I'd guess that it had been in a dry basement or shed from the time he stopped riding it. I tried to keep my build in the spirit of the original bike and not go crazy on it. Almost all the parts on the bike are the original ones, either cleaned or restored or both. The only parts I replaced are the seat (a thrashed Viscount Aero), brakes and chain, put on new grips and tires and re-laced the wheels. All decals are the originals, the drive side chainstay decal is on the bars and even what's left of the Race Inc seat post decal is still there. The last pic is what it looked like the day I brought it home. Parts List: Frame: Race Inc RA 7, Fork: Tange ARX, Bars: Unknown CW style, Grips: Leader, Brakes: Dia Compe; MX 900, pads, Tech 3 lever, 85 dated cable, Stem: SR, Headset: Tange w/ SST Dirt Skirt, Rims: Araya 7x, Hubs: Sunshine, Freewheel: Suntour, Tires: Cheng Shin, Seat: Viscount Dyna, Post: Race Inc, Seat Clamp: Unknown Dia Compe style, Crank: Takagi; crank, spider, chain ring,  Bottom Bracket: Tange, Pedals: KKT AMX, Chain: Izumi *sold*

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#2 2016-10-15 3:37pm

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Re: 1982 Race Inc. RA-7

Awesome coolcool



#3 2016-10-16 10:33am

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Re: 1982 Race Inc. RA-7

Amazing build ! looks fantastic.
A lot of race bikes came out of Reams. My GT was also from there, and also in mint condition.
Well done on your build. cool

LOOKING FOR........ or consider in a Trade ;
-Red Pro Neck 42,43,44T
-National Pro / Pro Neck handle bars straight cross bar
-Black set and Blue set of O wing grips
-mint chrome or alloy rear 901                   
- OG Blue Zeronine Pro XL FF 




#4 2016-10-18 5:08am

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Re: 1982 Race Inc. RA-7

Love the Alloy Bikes, great score & build

Always looking for Slingshots



#5 2018-11-26 6:27pm

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Re: 1982 Race Inc. RA-7

Dont know how I missed this before, but WOW, love it

mmmm........loop tails.......

...and that's all I have to say about that...



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