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#1 2016-09-04 9:32pm

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1987 Dyno Pro Compe Team

1987 Dyno Pro Compe Team

One of my favorite riders and survivors that isn't a Haro!!!

Another one of those bikes I've had a long time and never got around to adding it on here!  I bought this one of eBay years back and didn't have to do a whole lot to it with regards to replacing parts (grips / tires / pedals).  Tuned it up and started 'stylin that very same day.  I never rode a Pro Compe BITD but I really do like the geometry on these bikes.  They're just easy to ride and work front end tricks.

Loved it so much, I built a "twin" for my son for his 6th birthday many moons ago!
Testing out his new ride......
This is what it's all about!!!

Trading (not selling):
My NOS green Haro tires for NOS purple or pink Haro tires
My 1990 Bashguard Team Master f/f for a 1990 Bashguard Zolatone Master f/f

Black Elina Flyte Tech / Redline Tecmatic BB
1989 / 1990 Haro Bashguard plates for Master and Sport
1984 VDC Freestyler / 1984 GJS Freestyler Forks - condition doesn't matter / 1984 Free Agent Freeflite / 1984 Powerlite Freestyle



#2 2016-09-04 9:58pm

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Re: 1987 Dyno Pro Compe Team




#3 2016-09-07 5:07pm

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Re: 1987 Dyno Pro Compe Team

So awesome man. Would love to find a chrome pro compe. Ur old os. Pro still stands tall in my collection!



#4 2016-09-07 6:00pm

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Re: 1987 Dyno Pro Compe Team

Dope pics, thanks for sharing

All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe!!



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