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2009 X Games XG3

2009 X Games XG3

All original Matt Hoffman collaboration XG3 by Xgames Park bmx bike

The highlight of the BMX collection will be the Mat Hoffman X Games 15th Anniversary Limited Edition BMX Bike, which will retail at $259.99 (SRP).  Rounding out the collection will be the Park BMX Bike, retailing at $209.99 (SRP); Contact BMX Bike, retailing at $159.99 (SRP); and the Mat Hoffman 15th Anniversary Multi-Sport Helmet retailing at $34.99 (SRP).
“I’m honored to celebrate X Games’ 15th anniversary with my Mat Hoffman Limited Edition XG3 BMX bike,” said Mat Hoffman. “The X Games has taken action sports to new levels and XG3 will bring that excitement directly to fans.”

Last of a dying breed....



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