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1995 Haro Team Master

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1995 Haro Team Master

1995 Haro Team Master

Last year for the Haro "Master".

This has been one crazy, wild, fast build for this one!!!!  I had been on the hunt for the better part of 8 years trying to find that perfect (to me) frame set. It had to be original finish. I had been searching and search with no luck. On July 1st of this year - that "just right" one came up for sale!!! I bought it and quite of few of the original parts that were on it (thanks again, Olly!!!). In less than one months time, I was able to find every other piece I needed to complete this bad boy!  This is by far, the fastest I've ever been able to find all the parts I needed for a build!!!  Thank you to all those who sold me these parts - without you, this would not have been possible so quickly!

For me, this will be the last year model twin top tube Haro I have in my collection.  I wanted to showcase all the twin top tube Masters (including the 1982 and 1983 Freestylers' as they began it all). This was the last year for the Master, but certainly is not the last year for twin top tube Haro's. Now, I just need a 1982 Freestyler and a 1992 Master to complete my twin top tube Haro's!(NOT FOR SALE)

Here's the parts breakdown:

1995 Haro Team Master - Megatube - Frame / Fork - original finish
Haro Pro Kneesaver Handlebars - original finish
Haro Fusion Aluminum Stem - original finish - lightly used
Ukai Equalizer HP Chrome Plated rims - Low Flange Sealed polished hubs - Front and Rear w/ Suntour 16 tooth freewheel - original finish and stickers - lightly used
Haro / Profile Unstamped 3 Piece Cranks - 180mm w/ Sealed Bearing Bottom Bracket set - original finish - lightly used
Haro 44T Grind Disc - original finish - lightly used
YST Headset -  lightly used
Haro Multisurface 2 Tires - 20" x 1.75" - NOS
Dia Compe Bulldog Front Caliper / Dia Compe AD-990 Center-pull Rear - original - lightly used
Dia Compe / Odyessey Brake Cables - original - lightly used
Dia Compe Tech 77 Levers - original - lightly used
Haro Fusion Unitorque Alloy Seat Post Clamp - lightly used
Fusion Kashimax Seat - lightly used
Haro Oversized Lay-back 25.4mm Seat Post - lightly used
Victor DX Type Pedals - lightly used
KMC 3/32" Chain - lightly used
Haro Krayton Grips - NOS
Haro Fusion Megatube  Cro-Mo Pegs - lightly used

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Trading (not selling):
My NOS green Haro tires for NOS purple or pink Haro tires
My 1990 Bashguard Team Master f/f for a 1990 Bashguard Zolatone Master f/f

Black Elina Flyte Tech / Redline Tecmatic BB
1989 / 1990 Haro Bashguard plates for Master and Sport
1984 VDC Freestyler / 1984 GJS Freestyler Forks - condition doesn't matter / 1984 Free Agent Freeflite / 1984 Powerlite Freestyle



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Re: 1995 Haro Team Master


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