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#1 2016-08-26 7:36am

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1997 Schwann Pro Stock 2

1997 Schwann Pro Stock 2

I just stumbled on this beast.

I found this really clean unused/ pre-owned classic on Craigslist. I wasn't looking to buy another schwinn, but when I seen how clean it was I was not turning it down. The previous owner won it at a church charity auction and took it home to his son, who never rode it. It just hung in the garage for years. Its got a new good home in my personal museum. One of the things I like best other then it being so clean is that its the same year as my other two Schwann's.

No Falls No Balls!!



#2 2016-08-26 9:43am

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Re: 1997 Schwann Pro Stock 2

Nice find.




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