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1987 General Hustler Fred Blood

#1 2016-08-20 8:19am

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1987 General Hustler Fred Blood

1987 General Hustler Fred Blood

Cool old bike

I bought this old Hustler frame, fork and bars set for $25.  The original blue paint was pretty rough and rusty but the stickers were in good shape.  The big problem was the seat post.  Someone had cut the frame off short where the seat post went in and then welded the seat post in.  Apparently the weld didn't The welded metal is all buggered and won't take a seat post clamp.  I needed a descent old bike I could practice tricks with (OH YEAH, I RIDE MY BIKES!!) and not get too upset when I slam it, so I decided to build this.  I cut off a short piece of seat post and hammered it in past the shitweld, then filled the remainder with spray foam and hammered in the red painted drain pipe on top of the other.  The result is a solid as a rock post with no clamp!!   I spray bombed around the stickers outside in the wind, 45  looks not too bad from a distance.  I  added the Dia compe sticker after I dropped a  wrench on it and chipped the paint, and added the all chromoly sticker to the stem even though theres no chromoly on the  Freestyle 980 brakes, ACS pro rotor, 90s Royce Union stem, random 44t sprocket, 90s GT pedals, Odyssey slik cables, modern red line cranks, generic odi mushroom like grips.  Italian seat. Spinner fork pegs.  I installed new axle sets in the old Skyways after I removed a couple layers of paint!!   Rides great!!

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Re: 1987 General Hustler Fred Blood

Shoot man looks good to me! Awesome that you saved it.



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