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1994 Homeless The Mack

1994 Homeless The Mack

Homeless BMX made in Austin TX.

I was lucky enough to find this rare gem and save it. It was made right here in Austin Texas at the Homeless BMX facility before it burned down in the mid 90's and the company closed. I don't know how many bikes they made or how many of each model but I'm glad to have one. This one is from the first year/batch made in Austin TX by Homeless themselves and not S&M. Only a few are in the Museum.

The chainring is an S&S chainring which was handmade in Round Rock TX around the same time that this bike was made. It’s also a rare gem and belongs on this bike.
This is a 1993/94 The Mack.
Homeless The Mack frame. (Redone)Homeless Fork w/original decals.Homeless Gyro cover.GT 4pc knee saver bars.GT Pro stem.GT seat clamp.GT lay back seat post.GT freestyle seat.GT Wings grips.GT shorty pegs.S&S Tiger Teeth chainring (Round Rock TX).Dia-compe Tech 77 levers.Dia-compe ad-990 brake.Dia-compe Bulldog brakeOdyssey Gyro2 and cables.Profile Racing cranks.Profile racing BB.Snafu pedals.Redline Flight 48 HF sealed hubs.Araya 7x black shiny side rims.Primo V-Monster tires.

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Re: 1994 Homeless The Mack

Love that sprocket. Need to find one!

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