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1982 Kynast BMX 2000

1982 Kynast BMX 2000

A German Classic: KYNAST BMX 2000 w/ 2 drumbrakes and a free-wheel clutch! 6-spoke plastic wheels (italian origin)

In the early Eighties in Germany nearly every boy wanted a BMX! And for the most of us, there was only one brand existing, e.g. in the OTTO or QUELLE catalogue: the BMX 2000! I bought my first Kynast "Kelsgau" at the age of eight, at the local filling station (!) for 159.- Deutsche Mark, cheap as hell... smile, but this isn´t the following bike.
And here it is: my long forgotten, in the shed of my parents, where it stood between 1988 to March 2016, BMX 2000! This one I bought in pieces from a local guy about 1986 for 20.- Deutsche Mark (=11,31 $)...
With 2 drum brakes and a free-wheel clutch, very rare in this combi - I´ve just seen ever one another with 2 drum brakes, most of them have only one in front and a backpedal brake.
KYNAST was the producer of mostly all BMX 2000 in Europe and had many different Trademarks: Superstar, Kelsgau, Radiant, Royal and many more.



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