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#1 2016-05-12 9:42pm

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1988 S&M Mad Dog

1988 S&M Mad Dog

Early oddball S&M Mad Dog, Cooks Bros built

This Cooks Bros built S&M Mad Dog with original matching fork is previously listed on the site via my friend Kris, known here as Lacarti. I am now the second owner as Kris has a wedding to pay for. Decals and finish remain original though I treated some of the bad chips/rusty spots with some sand paper and paint to keep things from getting worse. Swapped out a few bits like cranks and bars due to missing or wrecked pieces. Rebuilt the wheels due to rusty spokes. Now she's looking pretty great.

After some discussion with a couple members here, we noted some rather unique features to this particular frame. 1) No serial number2) down tube diameter is the smaller K9 design size of a 4" circumference instead the 4.5" circumference all other known Mad Dogs are known to be 3) the way the top and down tube meet the head tube is more spread out like the K9 D-Zine than the Mad Dogs listed on the Museum as well 4) Unlike a K9 D-Zine, this has a chain stay bridge behind the bottom bracket, however, it is does not have a weep hole like every other Mad Dog listed here.
My guess is a first batch/transitional S&M Mad Dog. According to a past interview with Moeller, the main differences between the K9 and the Mad Dog where larger and thicker O.D. Tubing as well as the C.S. bridge. This seems to be caught in the middle.



#2 2016-05-13 3:09pm

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Re: 1988 S&M Mad Dog


Mo'Blocc Riders 4 Life.



#3 2016-05-14 5:02am

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Re: 1988 S&M Mad Dog

cool ride. Looks great with what you've done.

If you ever want to move it, be sure to let me know. wink

WANTED..S&S Tiger Teeth chainwheel, four hole, 44 tooth..
               Brackens 7/8” seat post..

Cash ready to go on wanted items...Let me know what ya got...



#4 2016-05-14 5:21am

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Re: 1988 S&M Mad Dog

nice fi

life behind bars



#5 2016-05-15 10:16pm

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Re: 1988 S&M Mad Dog

cool S&M

Alpha Company, 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard Of The Army) Veteran.



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