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Just got the champion tandam back from chrome.  RSS Feed

#1 2016-04-16 8:08pm

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Just got the champion tandam back from chrome.

Did a local trade for this champion tandem  a parry suicyco. It was ghost white. It's been over a year since I posted. I was in a bad harley crash. Dumb lady thought she could clear me will I was going 45.
I was driving towards the Durango my bars saved me life by clamping my leg to the tank. Broke everything in half. Left femur left foot and heel both wrist and elbow. Life is back to almost normal. After  6 major surgery and titanium put on every brake.

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#2 2016-04-16 8:18pm

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Re: Just got the champion tandam back from chrome.

Super cool unique bike.  Sorry to hear about your accident.  What a doozie.  Glad you're here to tell about it.

Hutch Fun Facts: All main line Hutch's with digits only S/N (no letters or baseballs) on the rear drop outs were US made and had their dropouts stamped between late '83 and '86.  Obviously the frame manufacture would occur slightly after that, even if they just threw 'em in a bucket randomly.  There is an obvious date code in that the first 2 digits seem to be the month and the 3rd digit is pretty obviously the last digit of the year running from '83-'86.



#3 2016-04-16 8:30pm

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Re: Just got the champion tandam back from chrome.

Cool frame. See this happen all the time , people pull out or turn knowing they don't have the right of way and expect you to slow down, if you can... no patience, gotta get somewhere 15 secs faster.... Hope things get better for you.

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#4 2016-04-16 10:11pm

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Re: Just got the champion tandam back from chrome.

Glad to hear your recovering, accidents SUCKS!  The tandem looks fantastic! I bet it will be a blast to ride!

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#5 2016-04-16 10:14pm

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Re: Just got the champion tandam back from chrome.

jeez man, that wreck looks brutal, hope you are back at 100% soon

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#6 2016-04-16 10:14pm

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Re: Just got the champion tandam back from chrome.

that frame turned out grate. get better faster so you can build it then ride it!

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#7 2016-04-16 10:20pm

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Re: Just got the champion tandam back from chrome.

That's sick!

Sorry to hear about your injury, I was involved in a hit and run on new years, and now have 3 plates, 16 screws and cadaver bones in my arm/shoulder!mad

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#8 2016-04-16 11:20pm

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Re: Just got the champion tandam back from chrome.

Ouch. Got any built flicks of the tandem...?

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