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#1 2016-02-05 12:08pm

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1996 Schwinn Super Stock 2

1996 Schwinn Super Stock 2

I finally got it after 19 years.

I Finally got the bike I wanted after 19 years. I won it on eBay for a great price from and awesome seller up in Buffalo. The Bike is clean and has never hit the pavement. I want to take it out and go for rip, but at the same time I want to keep it looking showroom!

My wife tells me all the time that she married a "Man child". I'm not too sure what the means, but don't you think the bike looks nice with my kitchen as the backdrop?
When I was 13 this was the bike I wanted, but it was a bit pricey for a 13 year old. My parents said I could get it just as long as I saved enough and bought it myself. So I shoveled a lot of snow and mowed many lawns trying to save for it. When I finally had a few dollars I realized that I had enough money for the model below, The Super Stock 3. I saw it in the local bike shop and fell in love with it. It was a beautiful candy apple red that stood out. So I pulled the trigger and became one of the happiest kids in the neighborhood. (I still have that bike today)And because of that bike I have countless fun memories. I will never part with it. That bike is also in the Museum.
I was so pumped to find this SS2 because in a funny way I listened to my parents "You can get the bike, just as long as You bought it yourself" well mom and dad, I did it!
Now that I have this bike along with the SS3, I would love to buy a same year Super Stock 1. If anyone knows someone looking to part with one comment me please. I will guarantee it a good home.

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#2 2016-02-05 5:58pm

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Re: 1996 Schwinn Super Stock 2

Killer Schwinn!smile

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#3 2016-05-30 2:56am

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Re: 1996 Schwinn Super Stock 2

i have the same story cept a few changes. My mom took mr up to get an new inner tube and put the SS3 on layaway. week after week dollar after dollar we put money down on that bike......We went iup to pay on it and she suprised me and got it out (after 6months). It got stolen once and I got it back then stollen again and gone for ever. Im in the process of trying to find another SS3 but no luck. Im going to the SS2 instead. Seeing that they are all about the same bike. I feel like the day I rode out of the store  but havent even bought it yet. I cant wait . Wish it was the SS3 but better to hit an in park home run then nothing at all.



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